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What in the Brit-Pop is this?

It's a cool evening in Austin, Texas and I'm enjoying a well deserved cider after a long day on the Levitation merch stand. I head over to a warehouse venue to catch Flying Lotus play a late night set.

A couple of guys stood at the bar clock that I'm British and without hesitation ask me, 'Blur or Oasis?'

What shocked me about this, is having lived in Austin 3 years earlier, I once sang a lonely rendition of 'Champagne Supernova' to a full and silent room at Ego’s Karaoke bar. I thought these bands were most likely irrelevant to the American crowd? Or maybe that conclusion was just an excuse for the stunned silence I received. Either way, fast forward, I'm stood here and being asked a genuine question on which of these two Brit-pop acts I prefer.

A list of Brit-pop bands. Waterpist, Eades, Saloon Dion, Black Market Karma, Wakey Wakey Rise & Shine

A debate ensued. My knowledge of these two acts was truly found wanting - people were gathering, waiting to hear this Brits opinion on which of the two bands he would chose. Blur, no, Oasis, groans, how can you say that? Sweating, chocking and eventually the boring answer slipped out my mouth... 'I can't decide'. I was boo'd by the bar staff - not my proudest moment. 

I humbly grabbed my cider and laughed off the embarrassment, eventually about 5 minutes too late thinking of my answer - why not both?

Moral of the story - Brit-pop is going through a revival in the American Psych Rock scene and don't base your opinions on reactions at a karaoke bar.

Once you accept this, you'll see it everywhere. Whether this be Kristian Bland courting an Oasis T-shirt on The Black Angels most recent tour, bands such as Daiistar clearly showing influences in their sound and imagery from the Stone Roses or even 'Acid Dads' 2023 single '1993' possibly a tip of the hat to the year Blur released 'Modern life is Rubbish', 'The Verve release 'A Storm in Heaven' and Radiohead debuted with 'Pablo Honey'.

So if the 90’s Brit-pop is back and showing its influence in the US, what about its birthplace, the U.K? Well have I got news for you, you can find bucket hat rock 'n' roll right on your doorstep. Four Brit pop bangers added to the Fuzzed out playlist.

Saloon Dion - I Don’t Feel 

Water pistol - Living in a Dream 

Black Market Karma - The Maw 

Wakey Wakey rise and Shine - Backseat Driver

Eades - Reno. Pt 2.

Catch Saloon Dion, Wakey Wakey Rise and Shine and Black Market Karma at DOWN STOKES Festival 

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