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'The best band name of the day' John Kennedy, Radio X, Wakey Wakey Rise & Shine

Wakey Wakey Rise & Shine are back with their new single, 'Backseat Driver'. Recorded in the basement studio at The Louisiana, Bristol U.K.

The single starts off cool and crisp like any summers days road trip, but quickly descends into a release of frustrated energy, perfectly represented by the neo-psychedelic artwork of a crashed car in a peat bog.

The atmosphere of this track really stands out, with the driving guitars, tight rhythm section, and varied and versatile vocals. The songwriting craft of this group is clearly progressing at a fast pace with their quick riffs, heavy drops, and dreamy harmonies.

I first witnessed this high-energy band perform in their tight, and energetic manner at a Cellar Door event last year (this women-led promotion company is doing some cool events around Bristol—check them out!).

Poster by Velvet Echoes

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