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Mothman, The Man - Too Long - Psych Rock in Bristol

As a huge advocate of the humble moth, I was immediately drawn to this band like a........ (I promised myself I wouldn't make any moth puns) like a person in need of some fuzz, and I have not been found wanting.

I've been immersing myself in this fuzzy bands world for a few weeks and it's clear as day they are unapologetically themselves. Their expression is embedded with surrealism and maybe a sprinkle of bad trip. If you're searching for a band with whacky drawings, strange tales of Clive Gatorkill and whacky animation then look no further!

Artrtwork from Mothman, the mans music video 'Do you hear the Sounds'

There's a lot to unpack when it comes to their sound. I'm getting clear influences from Krautrock, Prog-rock, grunge, garage and some good old fashioned Pysch. It's hard to nail down a definition of this band, which for me, makes them perfect. They're diverse and you're never quite sure where the listening journey will take you.

Fuzzed out tile that shows Mothman, The man's newest album  Wheres your heaad?

I could spend hours telling you that the guitars blast out tones that tip their hat to the pioneers of metal Iron Maiden, their keys drone with church like organs mixed with some occasional Pink Floyd softness, the vocal is powerful yet sits deeply reverberated in the mix, and the drums punch as hard as Seattle grunge. I could tell you that, or you could go and listen yourself and make up your own mind.

They can be seen in Bristol on 8th Jun supporting Birdfeeder with Guzzlers at The Lanes - Free entry.

Fuzzed out from Velvet Echoes is a blog dedicated to bringing and discussion psych rock in Bristol.

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