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MAQUINA - Industrial Fuzz from Lisbon

Updated: May 27

Industrial music is new to me - but living in Bristol it is slowly something that I am engaging more with. Having seen multiple sets in this city from SCALA, and Gilla Band, I feel i'm in a good position to know what good industrial music sounds like, or maybe more appropriately feels like.

MAQUINA is it, without a doubt. This three piece from Lisbon have released PRATA, a beauty of a record with Fuzz club.

Driving fuzzed out basslines, with dance music boots n cats beats and a harrowing metalic reverberated vocal line which intertwines with scratchy guitar. Its everything, and it will slowly consume you and become your everything. I am now officially addicted and you will be to.

Body Control can be heard on the Fuzzed out playlist.

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