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Dactyl Terra - Submarine

A music video with colourful glitched out sea life, what more could you want?

Dactyl Terra return with their third single as they build towards their album 'FEE FI FO FUM', and i'm climbing the bean stalk with them... all the way.

The rhythm in submarine is tight and crisp, allowing the guitars to bounce around in verses and punch in all together for the chorus. Everything about this track builds to a beautiful crescendo of fuzzed reverberated bliss.

I have nothing but great things to say about this band, having seen them perform a killer set in Bristol at my Psych rock festival, Down Stokes in 2023 and go on to headline The Lanes.

They've planted the beans, they're climbing the stalk, and now i'm gunning for them to steal the goose and all her golden, golden eggs.

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